July, 15 2024

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[Translate to russian:] It is one thing to carry dream, vision and prophetic word but it is another thing to see that released into space and time. We all know that one better than we would really like! Release does not come simply by wishing and waiting. It does not come by waiting on other people to recognize you and draw it out of you. It does not come from a leader giving you a ministry! That has its own set of problems- what men give to you, men can take away!

Do you believe your vision, your dream, your call, your anointing, your mandate? If you do, then stand in it. Put a stake in the ground and begin to act on it. Jesus will give His kingdom to you! What He gives no one can take away!

Your job is not to find a Christian community which meets your needs. Your job is to create community for those who do not have it!

Most of what is called church is institutionalized unbelief. The goal is to make you feel comfortable without faith, risk and the fulfilment of destiny. The goal is to keep you busy with a round of good activities and meet the budget! Like any other social club, the goal to meet the needs of its members! That is not the Kingdom of God!

How do you begin? One simple thing to do is to begin to meet as church as a couple or as a family. Church is two or three gathered in Jesus name! If it multiplies to two or three dozen, two or three hundred or two or three thousand groups, that is wonderful but start where you are! You are not a family worship, a small group, a cell group, a house church, a home group, a life group, a growth group, a prayer meeting, a bible study but you are a church! And Jesus has promised to build His Church!

Want spiritual children? Then have your own! Do not expect anybody else to give you theirs! Pay the price in serving your world. Get out of the Christian ghetto and engage with your world!

Who are you? You are a pioneer! You have a mandate, an anointing, a charge, a commission and a calling by Jesus to make disciples! Take your place in the Holy Spirit! No one around you will recognize you if you do not recognize yourself! Jesus cannot build with you if you do not put yourself in the building site! Take your place as pastor and spiritual leader to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and family. Begin to pray for them and to meet practical and spiritual needs. As they come to place their lives in Jesus, begin to disciple them. Just take your place and do it!

As you build relationship with them Jesus will build with you! He commands us to make disciples! He promises to build His church! Maybe if we did what he commanded us to do, He would be able to do what He promised to do!

What are you waiting for? You have a great commission from the Master! Harvest Now!


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