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3 Questions about Giving

Jul 31, 2012 at 16:01


Friends, 3 Questions about Giving:

1/ Even a casual reading of  I Corinthians 8 & 9 reveals that the purpose of the giving was  "ministering to the saints" (not salaries or a building program) so that there could be "equality" among the saints- that one's lack was met by another's abundance.  What does this mean in our global village?  I am sure it does not mean that some buy bigger and better toys or build bigger buildings while others cannot feed their children.

2/ That same casual reading of Paul's Acts 19:32- 35 instruction to the Ephesian elders shows that Paul considered his example of self support to be  the standard for them as well and to be the fulfillment of the words of Jesus that  "it is more blessed to give than to receive."   In every disciple making movement across the earth, in every area where the Kingdom of God is advancing,  self supporting or bi vocational workers are the norm thus giving practical proof to this model.  Why is this model ignored so often in the West?  Is that one reason that there is little Kingdom growth in the West?

3/ Many have very rightly come to see tithing as a modern expression of legalism much like circumcision was in Paul's time and have rejected tithing as a New Covenant requirement.  We are correct to reject the twin evils of fear (of curse on our finances if we do not tithe) and greed (giving to get the promised multiplication blessing) as motivations for giving but have we embraced  sacrificial compassion?  Do we see that serving the least is serving Jesus?  Or is the basic selfishness of giving out of fear and greed now being expressed by not giving at all?


Your brother


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