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Why Muslims are Coming to Christ!

Jan 27, 2007 at 18:55
Category: World View Files, Doing the Stuff!, Central Asia

By: Steve Hill

1/ They believe in truth and passionately seek it. God honors them with visions, dreams and angelic appearances speaking of Jesus (see www.morethandreams.tv, this dvd presents testimonies in their original languages with subtitles available in various languages! Get one for your Muslim friends!). Most in the West do not believe in truth and are only seeking personal prosperity, personal peace and personal pleasure. God honors their faith as well. God can knock a persecutor off his donkey more easily than he can knock a remote control out of my hand!

2/ They believe in right and wrong and have an active conscience. They are under laws they cannot keep. That Jesus would forgive and give power to live a righteous life is good news to them! Most in the West believe only in personal autonomy. They are their own gods in their own little world with their conscience deadened by sin. That there is a God to serve who created us to be morally pure like Him is not good news to autonomous man!

3/ They believe in a god who speaks and thus have a foundation of trust in supernatural revelation. The Koran tells them to read the Old Testament and the New Testament before they read any other books. The Koran has 12 references to Jesus which many follow and discover Him. ("The Camel Training Manual" from www.churchplantingmovements.com outlines these 12 tracks to Jesus!). Most in the West do not believe there is a God who speaks. They believe only in some form of time plus chance plus energy. Karl Sagen is famous for saying, "The cosmos is all there is, all there was and all there ever will be."

4/ They believe truth is worth suffering and dying for. They know that coming to Christ will make their life harder and bring persecution. Many in the West who come to Jesus, do so after being promised an easier, happier life. We have made Jesus our servant who fulfills our "American dream". Real seekers of Truth do not find this version of Jesus worth giving their lives for.

5/ They see healing, signs and wonders done in Jesus name. One Muslim leader is quoted by Rolland & Heidi Baker (www.irismin.org) as saying, "We are losing to the Christians in Africa. They are raising the dead!"  Most new communities of disciple are founded around a demonstration of the power of the Kingdom.  Jesus is alive.

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