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Ania & Ira

Jan 24, 2012 at 05:45


Greetings Friends, "My name is Ania, I am 20 years old. Before coming to Christ, my life was a nightmare. Our mother was a drunk,& my sister Ira & I were given wine at 6 years at her parties. We often spent nights in basements and attics of apartment blocks. We drank & smoked marijuana. At age 11, my sister (she is elder) & I were raped in a beastly manner & after that we often thought about suicide. By 13 I was living with a drug addict who beat me & at 14 I had Umed, my baby boy. When my boyfriend went to jail & my sister & I had no money for food, we prostituted ourselves. Eventually we hit bottom & didnt want to live. It was only because of my son that I did not commit suicide. At the end of 2010 uncle Sergey came to us & started talking about Jesus. We repented & received Him & our lives have changed. We started learning to read & write & now we can read the Bible by ourselves. In the summer of 2011 we were water baptized & now we are serving girls who are like we were in the past. We gather girls and boys from the streets, hold fellowship with them & talk about Jesus. There are some who have received Him. Now we are praying for a home. We have been through a tragic life and understand them. Whoever reads my testimony, please pray over my sister and me, so that we would be able to lead many addicted girls and prostitutes to Christ. Blessings to you in the Lord, Ania and Ira"

Yes, Jesus changes lives and we have the privilege of partnering with our friends there as He does so.  The story above is from Tajikistan.  Will you pray with them for a home?  Our friends in Kazakhstan have just started their second "Doma Mira" (House of Peace) residential community.   

Friends in Pakistan want to translate "The Luke 10 Manual" into Urdu, Punjabi and Pashtu  and give a copy to all the church leaders in Pakistan, Saqib "My soul has a great passion to change the mind set of all these brothers and sisters who are wasting their energies and resources trying to build western style Mega Churches."   They can print for under $2.50 per copy and will start with 2,000 in Urdu.    Will you pray about helping with this project?  Western governments have spent billions combating terrorists.   Let us help release a wave of Jesus followers.

The Norwegian version came out last fall and one friend there said it was the most important book he has ever read!  Not sure I would say that but it does pack a punch.  Another Norwegian friend paid double for the book, "It was worth a double!"  

Have you ordered a copy for yourself?  Your friends?  Click on the book on the site and Lulu will send you your order.  

Opportunities are growing and so are the challenges.  We appreciate your friendship, prayers and partnership in putting the go in the gospel.  Steve & Marilyn

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