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It all keeps happening!

Oct 4, 2012 at 12:45
Category: Doing the Stuff!


Dear Partners, Our friends  in Kazakhstan have a community in an old sauna/bath house in a high crime area of their city.  They are reporting new baptisms there.  Maria in Osh, Kyrgyzstan shares that an elderly deaf lady began to hear after prayer in Jesus name.  Sergey in Tajikistan asks for prayer as he visits houses of peace in the Pamir mountains on the border with western China and Afghanistan- one of the most unreached areas of the planet.  We love to hear from our friends in Central Asia and we are grateful to be able to continue to share their stories and requests with you.  

We are very excited to announce that we have a house in Dushanbe to establish a home for women at risk.  So far as we know, this is the only such home in Tajikistan.  There is space for 15 girls and women to live, learn and work.  Since Sergey makes honey and beehives at the two homes for men, he plans to train the women to raise the queen bees.  We are also pleased to announce that this project has become a joint project with Home of Change, a  Dutch ministry to victims of sexual slavery  led by Jacqueline Rijnsburger (www.homeofchange.nl) 

The Romanian translation of the Luke 10 Manual is now available on our website for free download and joins the other seven versions there.  Thank you Corina for all of your work!   Now we would appreciate all of your help in getting the word out to Romanian speakers.   Also the Burmese translation is ready to print!  Fifteen dollars prints five copies and your help would be greatly appreciated in helping us get 500 copies printed.  The Urdu version will also print soon and we need your help for that as well.  The first run in Urdu will cost $2,000.    If you give through Pay Pal remember to click gift and personal so that we do not have to pay the Pay Pal fees!

Marilyn and I have been on a journey to practice more of what Paul modelled  in Acts 20:34- 35.  To that end this has been a work season with the goal that we provide our own living and are able to give away all that we receive.  Thank you for all of your support, prayer and friendship over the years.  We trust that our partnership will now have greater impact.

Marilyn and I are now living on Manitoulin Island where we came more or less full time two years ago in order to give some care to my parents.  They are now in a rest home and loving their new life very much.  We had thought to return to Southern Ontario but circumstances changed and we are now living  here as our permanent home.  Come the first of January we will be living in one of the units that I am presently helping to build.  Our mailing address and the Canadian mailing address for Harvest Now (all Dutch information stays the same) is now Box 352, Mindemoya, ON, P0P 1S0.  

Your brother


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