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Trafficking Statistics

Feb 24, 2013 at 19:10
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Friends, The numbers below are from Moldova.  We do not have statistics from Tajikistan but it is also a source country for trafficked women and girls since many are desperately poor and abandoned by parents or husbands who are working outside the country.  Our friends in Tajikistan have set up the only home for women at risk in that country of 7 million people.  They also operate the only two homes for men of which we are aware.  Through bee keeping and bee  hive construction our friends are seeking to make these homes self supporting but much help is still needed- especially as we begin to believe for a second home for women.  

There is also a link at the bottom to an article on the Dutch experiment with legalized prostitution- a failure in every way. 

Thank you for your prayer and financial support.

For the least

Steve & Marilyn

What do these numbers mean?









27 million. 



450,000 girls have disappeared from Moldova since 1989. They are violently forced into prostitution slavery. 

20,000 young women are trafficked from Eastern Europe into Western Europe every year, under false pretenses, and forced into prostitution slavery.

30-40. The average number of men each girl will be raped by EVERY SINGLE DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. 

10. Moldovan girls once coerced into prostitution will live, on average, less than 10 years. Disease & violence eventually kill 90% of these girls.

$1,500. Average cost to buy a Moldovan or Ukrainian girl from a trafficker in Ukraine or Moldova. The girl gets nothing. 

$30,000. Average cost to buy a Moldovan or Ukrainian girl once she has been used & resold to her final destination in cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Dubai, Milan, or Moscow. The girl receives nothing but a bill saying she must repay the cost by servicing men daily. Of course, she is rarely allowed to purchase her own freedom. 

$350,000. Average amount of money a Moldovan or Ukrainian girl will earn for her Turkish or Russian pimps every year. 

$500 or less. Average amount of money she is allowed to keep for herself in one year. The pimp keeps the other $349,500. 

27 million. Number of slaves on earth today, more than any other time in history. 80% are young ladies forcibly sexually exploited. 

$1,500 The average amount it costs One Heart International Mission to rescue, employ, educate, and evangelize one of these precious Moldovan young ladies. 

(Thanks Greg for this information- if you would like to help Greg you can contact him www.oneheartmissions.com

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