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Long Term, Low Key & Relational!

Jul 19, 2006 at 08:16
Category: Leadership Files

By: Steve Hill

"Long term, low key and relational" is a phrase new friends in the Crowded House Network (www.thecrowdedhouse.org) in Sheffield, England use to describe their ministry.

"Long term" is in contrast to events. "Low key" is in contrast to the hype of big events. "Relational" is in contrast to programs. However, long term, low key and relational is a lot more work than events and programs! It leaves you no positions or pulpits to hide behind! It cannot be worked out in a series of event or meetings but only in small communities! It depends upon character and relational integrity and not upon gift, personality or natural charisma.

Long term, low key and relational challenges our Western Culture of quick fix, media hype and celebrity. It challenges our mantra of bigger as better. It challenges our fixation on judging success by the size of the crowds. It challenges our values of personal peace, personal prosperity and personal pleasure.

Events may produce "decisions" and may generate the numbers of those who have prayed "the sinners prayer" but where is that in the New Testament? Jesus sent the crowds away and invested His life in the twelve who had left all to follow Him. His command is to do as He did and to make disciples!

May we extend our encouragement to all our friends who are involved in the long term, low key, relational process of loving men and women into laying down their rights to themselves and doing all that Jesus commanded!

Every blessing

Steve & Marilyn


PS: One priority of this season is to publish or translate & publish a couple of short booklets, "Church Planting Movements" (abridged version) & "Camel Tracks" (a powerful help for introducing Muslims to Christ) into Russian, Kyrgyze and Uzbek. Will you help?


PPSS: Another priority is the release of small businesses in Central Asia. We have several projects started and several planned. Would you consider investing in business development? This is seed money which would be repaid and then multiplied into another project! A little does a lot! Disciples will only be multiplied across Central Asia with Asian money!


PPPSSS: Our website and some materials have been translated into French! Thank you Silvio! Could you help us get the word out by mentioning this to any "Francais" you may know?Check it out under the French flag on the website!


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