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Summer 2013

Jul 18, 2013 at 03:55
Category: Yeah God Files


Greetings Friends!  Summer on Manitoulin Island is wonderful as testified by the doubling of our population from about 10,000 to 20,000.  Never heard of Manitoulin Island?  It is the largest fresh water island in the world and sits in northern Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.    Marilyn and I are enjoying living and working here but we will be in Southern Ontario this weekend where all of our family will be together for the first time in two years!  Amber & David from Holland and Zach and Naomi from Nova Scotia will be at Shannon & Christian's in Holland Landing.   Six grandkids all together!   Grandma and Grandpa are doing a happy dance!  

We are also thankful for what God continues to do through our friends in other nations.  A big "Thank you!"  to our partners in the home for women at risk in Tajikistan.  Your generous gifts have given us funding for the next few months.   It is the only such home in that nation of 7 million and women whose lives have been changed there have already begun another two homes in other cities.  More Lord!  

We are thankful for the influence of our little book, "The Luke 10 Manual".  It is now available in 12 languages, including English  (free PDF downloads from our site) with another three in the works.  The Tedim (a Burmese tribal language) version is now ready to print and the Swahili and Kinyarwanda versions are near printing.  Would you consider helping us publish in these languages?  We need $1500 for  1,000 copies in each language.  The purpose?  To help start disciples making movements in Burma and Central Africa.  As the African brother says, "The church in Africa has been over evangelized and under discipled.  It is a mile wide and a quarter inch deep.  We need this book to start  movements of disciple making."  

Recently we discovered a circle of disciple makers in Moscow that began after reading the Russian edition of "The Luke 10 Manual".   The Holy Spirit is using that little book to help people do all that Jesus commanded and we ask for your help to put it into the hands of many others.  

Need some summer reading?  

You can order your hard copy or an electronic version  from .

Have a great summer

Steve & Marilyn

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