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Good News!

Oct 26, 2006 at 20:20
Category: Yeah God Files

By: Steve Hill

I love good stories and we heard a couple recently which reminded me of some others. Enjoy!

Blessed & Healed!

While talking with a first time visitor to a family day being held in Terneuzen, Southern Netherlands, A & H felt deep compassion for the lady and asked if they could bless her. She required dialysis twice per week. She agreed and so they simply blessed her (and testify to feeling absolutely no faith for healing!). Prior to her next dialysis session, her blood work came back as normal! It is now six weeks since Jesus gave her a new kidney!

Angelic Rescue!

A young brother had finished a drug rehab course and was living on his own. A few weeks ago different factors came together to make him feel overwhelmed and he jumped off the balcony of his eleventh floor apartment! Once he had jumped, he cried out, "Jesus, help me! This is not what I really want!" Immediately he felt two sets of hands grab him and arrest his fall! He did fall to the pavement below but his only injury was a broken leg!


Some time ago Gulya, one of our leaders in Central Asia, was invited to a village to share her testimony. The village was destroyed by alcohol abuse. Children were walking in the snow without shoes. As Gulya told her story of her own deliverance from alcoholism, one of the ladies in the room went down with a heart attack. She went blue and stopped breathing. Gulya prayed for her and immediately the lady returned to life to finish listening to Gulya's testimony!

A couple of weeks later Gulya was invited back to that village where the testimony and the healing had opened many hearts to receive Jesus. The village was Muslim but the testimony of a God who forgives and heals arrested their hearts to find their own forgiveness and healing.

Yellow Roses!

A friend here in the Netherlands had just become a Christian but it was a difficult time! While walking the streets for most of a night feeling suicidal and crying out to God he was startled by the sound of a bunch of yellow roses dropping onto the sidewalk behind him. It was 4:00 in the morning! There was nobody else on the street. There were no lights in the apartments above the street. There was a bunch of yellow roses on the sidewalk! Yellow roses mean friendship and he believes they were a message from God directly to him. "Yes, I am your friend! Yes, I am with you!"

To Special Heroes!

Marilyn and I have several friends who foster children. They are miracle workers! They are God's special heroes! One couple we know adopted twin boys who had been severely damaged due to the crack cocaine used by their mother. Yes they adopted them! And they were at an age to be grand parents! The age when most are thinking about cruises, cottages and retirement!

The medical authorities told them they were crazy to adopt the boys since they would never be normal! They said the one little guy would never walk, talk, see or even toilet train!

When we met them the boys were about five years old and doing much better than the doctors had prophesied! Both were walking, talking and seeing although the little guy had stopped growing and wore glasses as thick as old fashioned coke bottles. We all prayed and the little guy started growing again! Yeah God!

Then one morning he came to breakfast without his glasses. The mom asked him to go and get his glasses. He said, "Mom, since Jesus came into my room last night, I do not need glasses!" And that was the truth! A trip to the eye doctor confirmed that his eyes were completely healed!

Keep doing the stuff!

Steve & Marilyn



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