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TB Healed!

Jun 24, 2007 at 19:34
Category: Yeah God Files, Central Asia

By: Steve & Marilyn

Friends, thank you to all who pray for the team in Kyrgyzstan!  We had a very intense time with them May 24 through June 13.   God continues to do great things there.  It is a privilege to partner with Yura & Elena and the whole team there.

What does a church planting movement look like?  Does it look like multiple simple multiplying churches in over 60 locations?  We are thrilled with what God is doing!  

Below left is Gulya (second from right) and Almas (second from left) and some of her team.  She has wonderful stories like one about leading a school teacher to Christ who then took an assignment in a village in south east Kyrgyzstan near the Chinese/Tajik borders.  The last portion of the journey was on horseback!  This teacher has begun making disciples there!   Tamara (first on left seated) led her sister Clara to Christ.  Clara then led her family and five more families in her village to Jesus!  

Above right are Maria and Japar who also have wonderful stories.  We reported about one lady she led to Christ who returned to her village and prayed for her brother who had advanced TB.  The brother was healed!  He is still healed and the father who was the mulah of that village has now come to Christ!

Below left is Marilyn and I with Sasha outside prison #3 where he was the pastor before his release.  He spent a year in the rehab center and now lives with his parents, has a small business and returns every week to his old prison to visit the brothers there!  We were able to go inside to bless the church there with him.  This was one of four prisons that we visited!

Above right is Jan (center) with Rustom on the right and Sergi on the left.  Jan was once a prisoner but now leads the prison ministry!  This picture was taken in prison #27.  Rustom was a drug addict but upon giving his life to Christ was set free without any withdrawal symptoms!  Two months latter an xray showed him totally healed of TB!  He leads the church in prison #27.  Sergi leads the work in the prison hospital.  They have all had the experience of leading men to Christ who then die in their arms.  The church of around twenty men all came to Christ in the prison!

All of these stories add up to a true church planting movement in Kyrgyzstan. The Camel Tracks booklets have been translated into Russian, Dungan and Kyrgyz and are making a huge impact!   Thank you for your partnership in prayer and in finances.  

We face huge challenges as the movement grows!
Will you pray about partnering with us financially?  
Harvest Now!
Steve & Marilyn

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