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Why we do what we do!

Dec 19, 2006 at 18:18
Category: Yeah God Files, Central Asia

By: Steve Hill

Manabat is a Kyrgyze lady whose name means "love". She came to Jesus through Maria and Japar who lead our team in Osh. Her father is the main Muslim priest in her village near the Tajik border. As a brand new Christian she prayed for her brother who had a hole in his lung to to advanced TB. He was instantly healed! And what about her father? He is open to talk about Jesus and is reading the New Testament! Thanks to all of you who support our church planters!

Emil is the second son of Maria and Japar and is the director of the training school in a village near Osh. The village was not pleased to have Christians in their midst so on one of his daily treks for water they beat him up. Emil's peace and composure during the beating spoke to his assailants so strongly that they changed their minds about the Christians! Now they report that the Christians are "good people!" Thank you to our Swiss friends for supporting the training schools!

Sasha came to Christ in prison number three and became the pastor the church there. He was released to the rehab center last October but in freedom he had major struggles with issues that arose from his violent past. However, he came through and is now living with family. Thanks to a Dutch friend he was able to get proper papers and is now working in a business repairing cars. His dream is to return to the prisons to serve the men still on the inside. A big thank you to Belgium friends who provided the funds so that someone could go to the jail in that season and lead Sasha to Christ!

Nadera is a young Kyrgyze woman who was a victim of bridal kidnap where the groom and his friends literally capture an unsuspecting young woman from the street and force a marriage. It is claimed that a majority of weddings in the countryside begin this way! Many end up as good marriages but many that begin with this violence and rape continue in that same way. Such was Nadera's case. She finally escaped and is living at the training house receiving healing and restoration. Thank you to all of you who have helped build the training house! And thank you in advance to those of you who will help us finish it!

Gulya and Almas are team leaders in Tokmok. They have both been beaten for their faith in Jesus. But they continue to see simple churches multiplied in the villages. Again, thank you to those of you who support our church planters! There is hunger in the villages! The Camel Tracks booklet is proving very effective! Thank you to American friends who provided funds to get the booklet translated into Russian and Kyrgyze. Thank you to Canadian friends who provided funds to print the booklet in Russian and (soon!) in Kyrgyze! You are making a difference!

Last Tuesday as we came to the airport to fly from Osh back to Bishkek, we found the airport crowded with people in traditional dress. Usually Osh airport is a very uncrowded place! That day five planes had already left for Mecca and there were still two to go. Seven planes in one day! Two thousand plus people flying to Mecca for two months of training as Muslim evangelists and all paid for by the Saudis!

We are thankful for all that God is doing!

We are thankful for your partnership in 2006!

We are challenged by how much more there is to do!

We are challenged by what our Muslim friends are doing!

We appreciate your continued partnership for 2007!

Harvest Now!

Steve & Marilyn


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