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Wild Ride!

Nov 16, 2009 at 04:42
Category: Central Asia, Yeah God Files


Tajikistan is  a wild and wonderful country with China to the East, Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west and Krygystan to the north.  One of the main north/south roads in the country goes over two 3,000 meter plus mountain passes where there were still traces of snow from last year.  Tunnels are being built  which will eliminate the top  third of the trek over the mountains.  So the roads above the tunnels are not being maintained and they have become little more than bull dozer trails where the trucks travel up or down in bull low gear in great clouds of diesel and dust while the rest of the traffic tries to pass them while avoiding the largest holes, rocks and places where the outer lane of the road has simply dropped down the mountain.  

Sometimes we are asked if we have any fear of extremists but they are not the real danger.  The real danger is the roads!  Sergi said that one friend he took over that road was so terrified that he lost control of his bladder.  We did not need diapers but we understand the problem!

It is a joy to pursue the vision of releasing  church planting movements by  identifying, envisioning and sending the apostles who are multiplying disciples.  We visited couples who are the only known believers in their whole region.  We sought to encourage first generation believers who have already suffered much for their faith and who have churches meeting in their homes.  We met one of Sergi's disciples who had survived prison during the Tajik civil war when many starved to death in the jails.  He had gone down to 30 kilos and now leads a rehabilitation center.

We met Tajik brothers who had spent two years in Afghanistan.  They have friends, disciples and houses of peace there but have not seen them for two years.  We prayed together about sending them back to encourage the believers there.  They are fearless.

Back in Kyrgyszstan we heard how one of our team had been in Uzbekistan a few months back and led a household of eleven to become followers of Jesus.  During her time there the neighbors called the secret police who came in demanding to know what was going on.  The one bible out (more than one bible in one place is very dangerous in UZ!) was quickly concealed and the host declared that the reason for the gathering was to celebrate her fiftieth birthday!  All meetings have tea and food so they really are parties.  We prayed together about sending her back to visit these new disciples.  She has no fear.  

Do you remember Elizabeth?  She is the young woman from Nigeria that we met in Moscow airport.  She has been in Benin City, Nigeria since May of 2008 but we keep in contact and continue to seek to encourage her.  She continues to make disciples and share Jesus but in Benin City there has been an increase of kidnappings for ransom which has targeted anyone carrying a bible.  Those who carry bibles may have church communities and western connections which means they can pay the ransom demanded.  The believers have started to take their bibles to the meetings places during the day rather then carry them in the evening.  Elizabeth says she wants to be wise but is not afraid.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in serving these friends.

Let their faith challenge you.

Help us to continue to serve them.

How can we not do so?

Steve and Marilyn


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