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May 29, 2015 at 15:28
Category: Doing the Stuff!


Peace be to you and blessings!

The Lord is blessing us as the President made a decree where the ID documents\passports are to be given without any obstacles to the orphans and orphanage graduates.  We started compiling papers for those who need the IDs.

Girls are doing well, working at bakery, washing dishes or babysitting. 

We started breeding pigeons in ObiGarm.

Farhod serves at around 10 families that recieve them, Tajiks, also there are 14 families in Regar where we hold meetings.  Many have converted to Jesus, and there are 11 families in Rogun,  3 families in Yavan,  16 in Dushanbe, and in 2 high security prison there are gatherings of 35-40 brothers. 

Pray about it all, we pray that Steve comes. The team is working and Jesus is blessing us as we work to provide for the ministry, trying to learn things to teach others, to bring the Gospel by word and deed. God willing we will develop the mobile bee farm even better. We work with people in the village where the farm is at right now.

Pray for complete healing of my son. A lot of difficulties, but Jesus knows them all. 

Pray about the kids in the mercy home as there are many difficulties, but the Lord is helping. Hoping to raise them as I have been a street kid myself. 

Blessings, Sergey

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