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10 Traits of Disciple Making Movements

Mar 29, 2012 at 15:21


Hello Friends, We have been rereading the parables of the Kingdom and revisiting Church Planting Movements (the book & a free PDF booklet are available at www.churchplantingmovements.com).  David Garrison lists 10 characteristics of most  church planting movements and you might be interested to note that David's background and context is Southern Baptist.

1/ Climate of Uncertainty in the Culture

2/ Insulation from Outsiders

3/ High Cost of Following Christ

4/ Bold, Fearless Faith

5/ Family Based Conversion Patterns

6/ Rapid Incorporation of New Believers

7/ Worship in the Heart Language

8/ Divine Signs & Wonders

9/ On the Job Leadership Training

10/ Missionaries Suffered

It would seem that where believers have the least ability to exercise political power such as in China or in Iran, the Kingdom is multiplying the most rapidly.  Where believers are forced to invest in prayer and people, the Kingdom advances.  Where believers have the most freedom, the Kingdom is not advancing or at least not advancing as rapidly.   Do we abuse freedom  when we invest in programs, buildings & expressions of political power rather than prayer and people?  

Does the Kingdom grow best when the illusion of power is taken from us?  When it must grow from the heart and cannot be imposed from above?  When the seed in the heart becomes the man in the field and then fills the earth?  Do we understand the Kingdom as growing from the inside out rather than top down?  

Testimonies from Iran speak of the believers there not only pursuing the family based conversion patterns but going out in public and praying the prayer of Luke 10 to be led to a person of peace.  There if you talk to the wrong person about Jesus and that could mean prison.  Speak to the one prepared by the Holy Spirit and tears come to their eyes.  They are ready to hear and respond to Jesus. 

Your brother


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