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Beware rant to follow!

Jun 6, 2015 at 18:20
Category: Follow the Money!


Just had a long Skype conversation about tithing. This friend had lots of questions because a major who in the charismatic zoo had been speaking about how tithing began before the law with Abraham and thus was to continue through the New Covenant. Really? Such nonsense makes me cranky.

Animal sacrifice was part of life before the Mosaic law. Does that mean that it should continue in the New Covenant? Multiple wives was part of life before the Mosaic law. Does that mean such should also be normative now? Or slavery? Or concubines? 

It always amazes me that someone can preach grace in all areas except money. They have faith for God to transform you by grace. They have faith for love to be free and unconditional. The have faith for God to speak in all areas of life except when it comes to the money they need to run their show.

The New Covenant standard for giving is very simple- "let each one give as he purposes in his heart". Why can the tithe preachers not trust the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of the givers? 

The New Covenant purpose for giving is also very simple- that there might be equality among the believers as one's abundance meets another's need. (Yes, Dorothy that is in the bible in 2 Corinthians 8). Why is it that the rich tithing preacher is always asking the poor to tithe to them thus increasing the inequality? 

If they really wanted you to be blessed they would teach you to save 10% and give to the poor. If the average Western believer did that they would retire wealthy and be really able to give in their later years.

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