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Pure religion and undefiled from Sergey in Tajikistan

Mar 18, 2017 at 15:01
Category: Doing the Stuff!


Peace be to you and blessings, . We are always thankful to the Lord for you, praying that He blesses you in your labor and service. 

We are working and not always seeing success but the desire and willingness to save souls is always here. Working in various towns we see a lot of trouble and chaos in many lives and can't walk by. 

Regar town is so full of evil spirits. Very strong prostitution and drug usage. A lot of prostitution is out of despair to feed children as many guest worker husbands who left to work in Russia made new families there and abandoned their wives and kids back home. Recently we met a 30 year old woman with 5 kids who has been  abandoned by her husband.  She has no profession or life survival skills.   There are 8 more like her that we work with there. 

We believe that God's promise about caring for widows and orphans is true and He will help us do the possible and impossible for them.  

In Dushanbe, we keep helping girls and kids find independence in life.  If we do not invest in the kids, they will be out in the streets in a couple of years. We are fixing papers for them and their kids as opportunity arises.  We can't take everyone into the mercy home, so trying to reach them wherever they are. 

Please pray for the girls and our team.  Only He is able to meet every need.

Thank you for your care


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