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From Sergey in Tajikistan

Jul 4, 2012 at 04:09
Category: Doing the Stuff!, Central Asia


Friends the letter below (with minor editing)  is just in from Tajikistan We are grateful for our friends and partners in Central Asia and grateful for those of you  who help us help them.  Also  some of you may be interested to know that The Luke 10 Manual is now available on Kindle. 

Greetings to you!  Blessings in the Lord. 

The Lord is blessing us with people.  New people come, both girls and guys, but they have health problems such as  HIV.   We are working with them.

If there is any materials for the new ones in the groups, please send it.  Many are illiterate, need to be taught reading and writing. 

We visit houses of peace wherever we are recieved.  Pray about it.  

Also people come to Christ through Akbar at the high security  prison.

Pray please for families where the husbands have TB.  Many are  young men with children who cannot work due to the severity of the disease.   We help them with however we can.  

Pray as girls are dying from overdoses.   That's is one reason we need a mercy home for them.  We are praying and fasting here for that.  

We thank God that Steve has visited us, and eyes of the many have been opened for many things.

We are getting ready to go to Pameer (in the mountains) and we were saving money for that but unfortunately the jeep has broken down.   I have  borrowed $400 to repair it.    Pray that i will be able to give it back.  

Blessings to you,

Love you and pray for you


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