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It all keeps happening!

Jul 29, 2018 at 14:27
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Hello Friends

Wellcome to the last half of 2018!  What have we accomplished so far?

1/ 35 orphans & poor kids with Luke 10 friends in India have uniforms, food, lodging and are going to school.

2/ 85  (mostly) aids orphans have uniforms, school supplies, one meal a day and  have completed one semester of school and are now in their second through Luke 10 friends in Uganda.   This is a big, new challenge!  Will you help us with this one?  We need another $1600 for the new semester beginning in September.

3/ We printed another round of the Luke 10 Manual in Urdu through friends in Pakistan.

4/ We invested $2,000 in a pay it forward business involving widows and orphans in the Philippines.  As the business grows they will invest in others and pay the loan forward and help them to do the same to multiply opportunities, responsibilities and disciples.

5/ Friends in Tajikistan continue with the home for women at risk with 10 women and 20 kids now in residence.  They have also begun a new house of peace in a city known for crime, addictions, prostitution and violence.  

6/ Friends in Kazakstan continue to baptize and multiply house churches.

7/ We invest encouragement and finances in a fine brother and his family in Turkey.  He speaks three of the local languages, has started a school for refugee children (mostly from Syria) and continues to multiply disciples across different ethnic lines.

8/ We have published another round of the Luke 10 Manual in English in Uganda and are praying for funds to publish another round in Swahili and French for Rwanda where the government closed down hundreds of churches for building code violations and has created a great opportunity for simple expressions of christian community.  

Yes, it all keeps happening!

Will you help?


Steve & Marilyn


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