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Raw and uncut from Tajikistan

Oct 24, 2016 at 13:20
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Raw & Uncut from TJ, 
"Pray as girls from the mercy home are helping other girls that are in the streets and we found a place to gather girls there twice a week from the streets, hopefully feed and help. Also guys from the streets.
Mercy homes are full, so making side meetings will help, with God's wisdom.
This month i will go to Pameer as there are 2 brothers and a sister renting a house and work with girls and guys.
In Kuliab town, there is a family, they 'graduated' the mercy home and they took kids forsaken by drug and alcohol addicts, couple is Victor and Tanya, ex convicts.
It is very hard to find ministers who would dedicate themselves to street ministry. We raise ours, but it is very small number for such a work. Every winter kids are freezing and dying in slums and brothels without the Lord, if only each church took just a part of these people, they would get saved, but they wouldnt which is a tragedy of Christianity today. But at one time Jesus will ask from them like in Matt.25:34-46. Pray for our team, we are doing whatever we can.
Love and blessings,

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