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My Name is A

Nov 12, 2014 at 12:24
Category: Central Asia, Yeah God Files, Doing the Stuff!


Uncut from Tajikistan

"My name is A. I was born in a good family. Finished musical school and all was well until I met a guy. At first I didn’t realize he was on heroine, then I learned and almost broke up but he offered me to try, I tried and could not stop any more. I twice was put to prison for that, but once I went out I started over and it brought me to having HIV. When I learned about it I didn’t want to live and went into drugs more intensely, started stealing from my Mom and got kicked out from home. She told me she wished I was dead. I lived in the streets and apartment blocks utility basements until I got to Sergey's Mercy Home where I started reading the New Testament. We had fellowships every morning and evening. One of the evenings the Lord has touched me and I have received Him and it was a strong experience. In the mercy home we started praying for my mom and restoration. The Lord has heard. I went to Mom and we reconciled. At first she didn’t believe me but then she did and started attending the group too and is drawing closer to the Lord. Pray for me and my Mom, I want to serve God using my talents of playing violin and piano." A

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