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Apr 27, 2010 at 22:00
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As most of you know, Kyrgyzstan has had a change of government after opposition protesters were shot at by troops and police using live ammunition.  The opposition fought back and police are among the 100 dead and the many wounded.  Due to wide spread destruction and looting,  a poor country is much poorer and economic uncertainty has increased.  The provisional government is in charge and things are now generally calm.   Some report that the interim government leader, Rosa Otunbayeva is a follower of Jesus.  I Timothy 2:1- 4 takes on a new urgency in such times! 

One of the KG friends  reports hearts open to Jesus as they visit families who have lost loved ones and as they visit those in hospital and seek to find the medicines that they need.  Another friend and her team in the east of the country have begun relationships with three more houses of peace and baptized two more households.

The friends from Tajikistan report that they took four addicts into their house of peace who had decided to become followers of Jesus.  "We prayed for them and they all came through deliverance without cold turkey effect.  It is a miracle of the Lord.  Jesus has also healed liver and breathing system."  On a very sombre they also note that many addicts are dying of overdoses so that there is a lot of work to do.

A new follower of Jesus tells her story how she was visiting family when they began to talk to her about Jesus.  She was frightened that they should pray to any one than Allah but their story of freedom caught her attention.  She says that while listening "I felt immediately pain in my kidneys and fell down. The couple got scared of course. I was crooked with pain and meanwhile heard them praying.  Isa Tenir, (Jesus help us), touching the painful place, and then the pain was gone.   In the night, I had a dream that lots of mineral water was brought to our home.  Then a man in white robes came up to me, opened up a bottle of water and poured some in my cup telling me to drink. I recalled how thirsty I was and drank it,  while thinking how I could share the water with my parents and neigbours because there is no water in our wells.  In the morning I shared about the dream and they read me a place from the Bible where Jesus was talking to a woman at the well.  I was amazed and ever since I am following Jesus.  I  need to understand a lot and grow.   Now I am praying so that I can serve  because a lot of people need salvation and deliverance.  I am also praying  for my relatives and other villages to be saved."

Over the next few weeks Marilyn and I will be in Norway for the first time and then back to Ukraine.  We are looking forward to sharing with our friends there after a two year absence.

Thank you for your prayer and support.

These are your stories as well!

Steve & Marilyn Hill


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