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Into the Kingdom

Aug 31, 2009 at 05:17
Category: Central Asia, Apostolic


Hello Friends.  Below is a fine example of a Russian Orthodox wooden building from the early part of the twentieth century when the Russians first came to Central Asia and began to build permanent houses and towns.   The building has a certain beauty and nostalgia and even attracts a few visitors although it is well off the beaten path in the eastern Kyrgyze city of Isakool close to China.

However to most Central Asians the perception is quite different.  Such a building is a symbol of oppression.  One of the worst insults a Central Asian can give to another  when they become a follower of Jesus is to call them a Russian turkey.  An impediments for all Muslims  coming to Christ is the perception that they must submit to the authority of the religious order represented by such a building in order to do so.

Fortunately we do not enter the Kingdom of God through submission to man, position or system whether righteous or corrupt, abusive or loving,  eastern or western.  We enter into the Kingdom through Jesus alone.  

That is the beauty of the Luke 10 evangelism strategy of Jesus.   The good news of the Kingdom, that you can know Jesus the King, is brought into the home of the seeker.  They and their family are discipled in their own home and taught to do the same with their friends and relatives. The servant who brought the good news does not stay to build his own little kingdom but when the job is done there, he/she moves on to the next assignment leaving King Jesus to build His church in that home.

 Above is a community of disciples in Tajikistan.  Not as picturesque as the building but  the true church of Jesus is composed of living stones!   

A very big "THANK YOU!" and a bigger "GOD BLESS YOU!"  to all who helped us put a roof over Sergei's head and who provided the foundation funds for a self sustaining and self multiplying, three generational community for women.  The first group of twenty or so will be off the streets this winter!  

Your friendship, prayers and financial partnership are making miracles happen.

Every blessing

Steve & Marilyn




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