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My Name is G

Nov 1, 2014 at 01:09


My name is G, I was born in a village. I am 18.  I had a good life while Mom was alive, but when she died and Dad took another woman, she didnt like me and constantly insulted me. There was another woman in the village who offered me a job in Dushanbe, I rejoiced with the idea of leaving my stepmom. I didnt know what the job was, when we arrived she took my passport and didnt let me out the house, started bringing men in who raped me and I couldnt help it, they beat me. I got a chance to run away and slept in streets for 3 days, it was freezing cold. At one place I met a lady named Dilbar and asked if I could sleep at her home. She had pity on me and called uncle Sergey and he took me to their mercy home and started treating me medically. My kidneys were hurting from beatings. He got my passport back, I am feeling good now, surrounded by kind people who help me. I am reading the New Testament now. Do not understand a lot, but the girls explain and I want to be like them. Pray for me. G

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