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The Luke 10 Manual

Mar 2, 2010 at 01:52


We are waiting through a five hour snow delay for our flight to leave Toronto for Amsterdam and looking forward to all that God is doing this season in Europe and Central Asia.  Marilyn will be focused on sharing time with Amber and David and their little girl expected March seven. Grand kids are the best and that will make six.

In March I will be back in Denmark and then in Bulgaria and Turkey for the first time.  The last of March and most of April will be reconnecting with all of our friends in Holland and Belgium.  May will be Norway for the first time and then Bulgaria again.  June will be Central Asia.  We are particularly excited and grateful for what God is doing there with some areas past the fourth generation of disciples.  God is good and the Kingdom of Jesus is multiplying!  Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving.   Jesus is blessing and multiplying every investment.

Over three days last July we taught the team in Central Asia from Luke 10 and these past few months I have put that material down in written form as "The Luke 10 Manual".   My thought was to make this available in Russian and then other languages for the team in Central Asia but several friends who read it have urged me to make it available for our friends in the west as well.  We have been surprised at the buzz this little manual is generating.  

Translations are being now worked on in Russian, Norwegian, French, Romanian and Dutch.

You can access the PDF file on our website at  http://www.harvest-now.org/en/luke-10/.  

This is freely given and we trust you will freely receive it!  Can you help us give it freely to others by making a gift for translation and publication in Russian, Kyrgyze and Tajik?  Pay Pal is easy, safe and quick but be sure to click on the personal and gift buttons so that we do not pay any fees!  Our Pay Pal account is simply stevehill(at)harvest-now.com or you can use the other giving methods noted on our website.

The Nations belong to the Lamb!

Steve & Marilyn

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