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What was Accomplished in 2006?

Thursday January 4, 2007

"One New Year's Eve I asked my pastor a very straight forward question: 'How many adults came to faith in Christ at our church this year?' The pastor, a very diplomatic man, said, 'I am not sure. I'll have to get back to...

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Long Term, Low Key & Relational!

Wednesday July 19, 2006

"Long term, low key and relational" is a phrase new friends in the Crowded House Network (www.thecrowdedhouse.org) in Sheffield, England use to describe their ministry.

"Long term" is in contrast to events. ...

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Ultimate Spiritual Warfare

Monday May 22, 2006

Recently several friends have asked questions about spiritual warfare. Some of the questions are being prompted by the calls from several ministries for "round the world", "violent praise" events on June the...

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The 7 Day Weekend by Richardo Semler

Wednesday April 26, 2006

Talk about organic leadership!

Talk about trusting people!

Talk about destroying hierarchies!

Talk about releasing people!

Talk about integrity!

Talk about transparancy!

Talk about maximizing potential!

Talk about...

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Of Elephants and Rabbits, Of Oak Trees and Stawberry Plants

Wednesday April 12, 2006

Yesterday I was listening (via MP3) to Wolgang Simson speak to a house church conference about two of his friends. One was Rick Warren of Purpose Drive fame. The other was a Vietnamese lady named Sarah. Rick has been graced to...

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