Title: study materials

Study materials

All the outlines listed below are downloadable as PDF. If you lack software to read those files, please download it free here.

Materials from Harvest Now

Passion & Purity

Offering up the nations to Jesus

The second reformation

The women question - The duaghter of a lion is still a lion!

Spiritual Covering?

The tithe and the covenant - Is the tithe living faith or religious tax? (New version!)

Recentering on Christ - Portals, prayer shields and other stories

Revelation of the glory of Jesus - Ultimate spiritual warfare

The Commands of Jesus

The Father's heart & your destiny

Prophecy, Conviction & Covenants

Materials from friends

A Word on the Middle East - Material from Harold Eberle

Church Planting Movements - David Garrisson

Camel Tracks (Arabic)

Camel Tracks (English)

 Apostles - Slaves of Christ - Brian Dodd

 The Church in the house - Robert Fitts

 Arabs gathering around the Messaiah (New)

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