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The Luke 10 Manual- Mission as Mandated & Modeled by Jesus

Dec 1, 2010 at 23:33


Hello Friends, What if you had never been to a congregational church meeting?  What if you had no idea of church history?  What if you read the words and stories of Jesus for the first time?  Your first impulse would not be to gather people together on Sunday morning at 10:00, place them in rows, preach to them for an hour and try to get them to give you money.

What does it look like if we try to strip our presentation of the Kingdom of God of 2,000 years of tradition and institutionalism?  That is the purpose of The Luke 10 Manual.  Did we succeed?  A friend in Kazakhstan, who has chosen to stay within the Muslim community as an insider follower of Jesus,  says that we have done the best at this task as anything he has read to date.  

Why did we do this?  We wanted to start a disciple making and multiplying movement in Central Asia.  We are convinced that complicated dies while simplicity multiplies.  The more you add to the message of the Kingdom, the more you drain away the power of that message.  This manual is what we have sought to communicate to our friends in Central Asia.  

"The Luke 10 Manual- Mission as Mandated and Modelled by Jesus" is now available in hard copy and download from Lulu at


Order a copy for yourself and for your friends!

Proceeds towards the needs of a disciple multiplying movement in Central Asia

Thank you so much

Steve & Marilyn

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