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Moral Impulse and Global Warming!

Jan 17, 2008 at 21:45
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By: Steve Hill

Like many things humanist, the current global warming debate has all the trappings of a religious movement.  We are urged to make the necessary sacrifices to "save the planet"!    Meanwhile Al Gore whose movie "An Inconvenient Truth" has championed the efforts to "save the planet" has been exposed as living a life style that consumes more energy and releases more CO2 than a small third world nation!  Apparently this religion also has its hypocrites!  

However some of you may be old enough to remember the seventies when that generation of experts was warning us of a coming ice age- global cooling!  That also was a movement with religious overtones and talk of "saving the planet".    Has any one told us what happened to global cooling?  To oppose that crusade was labeled "wrong".  Those who got on board were "right".  Now a new generation of "experts" has another catastrophe to "save" us from!  

Question!  Why do committed humanists cast their concerns in such moral terms?
The basic answer is very simple.  Man, made in the image of a righteous God, is a moral being.  The universe is a relational place.  There are right relationships and there are wrong relationships.  Wrong human relationships break our relationship with God.  We create our lives through a series of moral choices.  We destroy our lives through a series of immoral choices.  The moral impulse is rooted in our very being, in the nature of the universe and ultimately in the being of God.  

Humanistic man rejects any limitation on his sexual expression.  He is god in his own little world creating his own meaning, morality and destiny.  But no matter how "free" from personal morality  a humanist may think himself to be,  he is still a moral being!  The testimony of being in the image of God still shouts out loud and clear!  That moral reality demands expression!   The more it is repressed in its proper function, the more energy it expresses in other causes.

Evil is no longer personal but rather technological, social, environmental.  Evil is "out there".  Evil is any one who will not join the crusade to reduce CO2!  Humanism is constantly redefining evil and good, right and wrong, blessing and curse.  The constant redefinition bears testimony to one inherent reality- man is intrinsically moral!  Mankind cannot function without thinking in terms of right and wrong.  Evolution has no explanation for that reality!

There is a debate about climate change and its causes!  We need to do all we can to "dress and keep" the garden we have been given but do not let misguided religious zeal shut down reasonable discussion and force us into foolish actions.   You may wish to check out the articles linked below!


            "The principal greenhouse gas, some 97 percent of the total, is water vapor, which leaves little for CO2 and other trace gasses. Scott McIntosh, of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, says that warming caused by CO2 compared to the effect of solar magnetic fields is like a flea’s contribution to the weight of an elephant."

                "Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears 'bite the dust,'" the introduction said."

Question Everything!
Steve & Marilyn

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