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Acts 2 in Uzbek!

Oct 18, 2007 at 13:06
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By: Steve Hill

Marilyn and I came to faith in 1971 and began to immediately share Jesus all over the university that we were attending.  It was not long before thirty to seventy kids were packing out our apartment twice a week.  It was wall to wall people sitting on the floor talking about Jesus!

After a thirty year journey through most expressions of church life we have ended up back where we started, sitting on the floor talking to people about Jesus!  Thirty plus years ago we felt that just people and Jesus did not equal "real" church.  We did not have any building, salary, programs or boards.  I just wish we had known then what we know now!

Recently I was sitting on a floor in Central Asia hearing the stories of what Jesus had done in the lives of those around me.  These were Uzbek people and you may know that over the last couple of years most NGOs have been forced out of Uzbekistan.

The lady of the house began a search for spiritual reality after she left an abusive marriage and returned to the family home.  She prayed the Muslim prayers five times per day and attended the mosque.  One Friday walking back from the mosque she dropped in upon a neighbor and found herself in the midst of a prayer meeting.

"Who are you praying to?"
"Teach me to pray to Him!   I have been praying for five years and found nothing."

They did and she had a glorious encounter with Jesus.  

She then arranged for our friend, Irena,  who had been leading the prayer meeting,  to come to her house to share with all of her family and close friends.  Thirty Uzbek people gathered and when Irena began to pray they had a house of Cornelius experience!  The Holy Spirit fell upon them with love, laughter, spiritual gifts and revelation of Jesus.  

Healing and revelation of Jesus continue and the Uzbek lady is planning to travel to Uzbekistan to begin a group of disciples in her sister's house.  

Thank you for your partnership in prayer!
Disciples are being multiplied!  
Lives are being changed!  
Jesus is being glorified!  

Harvest Now!
Steve & Marilyn

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