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A Hand Up!

Mar 11, 2009 at 20:12
Category: Doing the Stuff!, Central Asia


Tajikistan is one of the poorest nations on the planet and one where we have friends who walk in the vision of making disciples.  Some of you may remember the story of Sergi's martyrdom which we published a few months ago.   His friend, also Sergi who told us that story, has become a friend and farms bees to support himself.  Sergi's Tajik team is increasing and he has asked for a "hand up" to train and set up eight disciples as beekeepers.  

This means 40 hives of bees plus the tools and empty hives for those 40 to double.  The 40 hives will produce an income of about $4,000 of honey plus other bee products that sell well in Tajikistan.  That $4,000 divided amongst eight means $500 a year per person.  That does not sound like much but it goes a long ways in Tajikistan!

The funds needed to train and set up eight new beekeepers is $4,000.  

That will also provide a foundation for the next generation of bee hives and bee keepers.

Will you help us make this bee story multiply?

This needs to happen quickly as spring flowers will soon bloom in the mountains of Tajikistan!


Check out the tab on financial partnership to help the friends in Tajikistan!

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