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A Prophetic Word for 2009

Jan 4, 2009 at 02:21
Category: Prophetic

By: Steve & Marilyn Hill

"Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge" I Corinthians 14:29

The flood of prophecies for 2009 have begun to come in.   They sound remarkably similar to most I have been hearing for the past 15 years!  "This is the year of revival!  This is the year of His power.  This is the year of increase!  This is the year of harvest."   You mean it really, really, really is going to happen this time? 

I cringe to remember giving "prophetic" words like that!  We mistook emotional fervor and hype for anointing.  There was no judgement!  There was no accountability.  The only point was the "power" of the prophetic utterance in that moment.  It was paid performance art pure and simple!  Forgive us Lord! 

There is a major problem with all of the prophecies about revival to come.  It is a religious problem which Jesus encountered.  Religion will get all excited about the Messiah to come but try to kill Him when He is standing in their midst (Luke 4:16- 30).   Why?  The Messiah in the future does not demand faith and obedience now!  

The revival to come does not demand obedience now.  We can feel all warm and fuzzy about the wonderful word and clap at what God will do while conveniently forgetting that where ever people are simply obeying Jesus they are seeing the Kingdom multiply now.

The future  can be an escape from present responsibility!

Prophecies about revival to come lessen personal responsibility even further by emphasizing what God WILL do rather than what God has already done!  If Jesus has dealt with all sin on the cross and if Jesus has all authority, then we are completely, totally and absolutely without excuse!

The problem is not with God!  His work is finished!  The problem is with the laborers!  Jesus commanded us to pray for the laborers!  He did not ask us to pray for the harvest.  He did not even ask us to pray against the demons!  As a matter of record in Luke 10:18, Jesus saw "Satan fall like lightning from heaven" AFTER the disciples went out to befriend, demonstrate and declare the Kingdom.  The gospel of the Kingdom only has power as it is demonstrated and declared outside the four walls of our comfort zones!  Much of the fervor of the spiritual warfare movement is simply the avoidance of doing the now work in the fields.  

In John 4, the disciples did not want to go through Samaria  but Jesus did.  He talked to a woman and had a revival in that town.  Jesus pointed out the difference between Himself and the disciples.  It was a difference of vision!

"Do you not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest?'  Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest", John 4:35.

The disciples saw bare, hard ground.  Jesus saw white fields.  Same view, different eyes, different vision!   The problem was not with the harvest but with the laborers!  

Harvest fields tend to be poor and difficult places. Harvesting is hard work where ever the field!  You have to get dirty and involved.  Sinners do not give honorariums.  Discipleship is about one on one stuff!  Jesus sent away the crowds in order to invest himself in the twelve.   Revival is not about platforms and performances.  It is about relationships, sacrifice and obedience.

I have a prophetic word for 2009.  It is a prophetic word which as been accurate for about 2,000 years and which always will be accurate!  It comes from Paul, 

"Behold now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation." II Corinthians 6:2b

And you are right!  This is the same as the "Prophetic Word for 2008"!  

That was the most forwarded article of 2008 and I think it deserves a resend.

Be challenged afresh!

Thanks to all who helped us to seek to walk this out.

Steve & Marilyn

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Chris, 05-01-09 16:52:
What a word, Steve and Marilyn. What a word! Well worth repeating and as I missed it last year I'm doubly glad to have it now.

I've shared it with the CU here where I work and I'll share it again tomorrow and on Thursday as I meet with others where I live.

Pray for me that I will be quick to notice the daily opportunities he gives me to be one of his harvesters. Only 1% of the staff here come to CU, the UK is a harvest field.

Abraham, 07-01-09 06:55:
With all due respect I think you are missing an extremely important point. For example, you say, "If Jesus has dealt with all sin on the cross and if Jesus has all authority, then we are completely, totally and absolutely without excuse!" While the reality that Jesus dealt with all sin on cross, the result is NOT that we are "without excuse." On the contrary, the result is that we are completely FREE! That difference is night and day. Thanks for thinking about. I did love your teaching about the true definition of "apostles". Thanks for that.

Abraham, 07-01-09 07:04:
I made a couple of typos... sorry... here is the correction..
With all due respect I think you are missing an extremely important point. For example, you say, "If Jesus has dealt with all sin on the cross and if Jesus has all authority, then we are completely, totally and absolutely without excuse!" While the reality that Jesus dealt with all sin on cross is indeed true, the result is NOT that we are "without excuse." On the contrary, the result is that we are completely FREE! That difference is night and day. Thanks for thinking about that idea. I did love your teaching about the true definition of "apostles". Thanks for that.

paul, 07-01-09 12:26:
Hi Steve - yet another brilliant bit of observational work - these 'prophecies' are all about the person giving them and that makes me sad. When are we going to get back to God centred worship and Jesus focussed action.

Sunil, 09-01-09 05:31:
Thank you for the confirming word. The same word God revealed to me. As God said to Jonah, Arise & go to Ninave. & Tell them. God always brings his people from the comfort Zone that they may arise and preach gospel to the lost world. This was the testimony of Saul who became Paul after he rose from the comfort zone.This was the testimony of David after he rose from the comfort zone became man after God's own heart. God also said to Jonah rise up from the comfort zone & preach. Those who will arise from the comfort zone will have great reward in heaven.
Thank you once again.

Sunil D.H.

Heman, 07-03-09 17:28:
Nice word! I'm glad to read these words!
Now is the time, always is the time, the time of the now.
The word actually is a bit sobering. Like, if always is the time, then this time is no different then other times?
This time we'll see no different times then other times?
I believe in these economical hard times for USA and for the world, a lot of people will seek God again in their hardships. This year more than any year before in the last 10 years, people are faced with hard times but on a different scale I believe.
This year financially many will continue to lose homes and jobs, and live in their loss of last year.
I hope that some previously wealthy men will be turned around. I think you'll have to agree, God did His every best to get us from the dust and the slums, and the filth.
Yet what about those who are/where doing better?
Those who's lives have been okay up 'till now?
Those who had a wealthy job, and now have to exchange that for a low paying job, barely coming by, even in need of giving up some of all their luxury?

I pray this time will be the time for the business men and women. A time for the learned and the wise of this earth. A time for them to get to know God.

I think we still need the prophetic to bring hope! Without hope, the body will fall asleep.
Even if all I've prophecied and spoken about is just about one or two people (and not like we may think about millions).

It humbles us indeed to know that no man knows the future except God, and that we're totally clueless when it comes down to prophecy.
Like Jesus said, he can only do what he sees the Father do. So with us..
I think for prophecy to exist, there must be grace to try, and to fail.
Just like sin, repent of it, perhaps even publicly announce you where wrong, and thought God was speaking through you, learn from it, and the next time you think God speaks, just try again...

Many words that have come to pass, I did not dare to speak out, because of the judgment that men set on me.
At such a point, even the best prophet in the world will have difficulty uttering his received word.
But it is good to know,and to re-think about the consequences, and about the responsibility that comes with uttering any word that comes from God.
You are representing God here, so .. It would be healthy to have some sort of (healthy) fear, not to defile God's name.

I could be wrong, but I have a faint sensation that the prophetic will come up again, and after that, it's the apostolic church.
Apostles with the power of the pioneering forefathers will still have to rise up like the prophets. We are now in an evangelic age. But we need to go higher.
Perhaps we'll never get there, before Christ comes to receive us. But I believe the time of the pastors, teachers, preachers where all very important. But the time is coming where the prophets shall rise up again,and where no longer on a sunday the sermons will be read of a piece of paper, and the word of God will taught (for knowlegde increases), but where the prophets will stand on stage declaring a direct word from God for the time of the age.
I also believe that this time will be very swift, and short, and that after that, apostles shall arise.
In the natural I say it would be impossible, for apostles will rely heavily on the gift of the saints, for they need to be free from issues of money.
Money that ever increasing issue of everyone's daily life. Rent, food, all go up in price.
So in the natural it is impossible for Apostles to come forth.. Yet I have this longing in my heart to see them come in, and go out to the rest of the world. For the bible says that christ shall come when the bride is ready.
And it's only ready when it's been fully restored to it's former glory.
Where the rich will share of their riches with the poor, the pastor and preacher will stop receiving gifts to make their office nicer, and start spending it on

Steve, 12-03-09 02:19:
Heman- thank you for taking the time to comment but may i say that the apostles are here? Everywhere there are sacrificial servants go are going and doing. We do not need more big "A" apostles. We need an army of small "a" love slaves of Jesus serving people in the power of the Holy Spirit!!!

John, 23-04-09 15:18:
Steve and Marilyn - I just picked up your 2009 word on RevivalSchool.

God's work concerning Heaven and Eternity may be finished, but God's work concerning Earth and the End-times is not. The Bible is very clear about that, in both New- and Old-Testament. We need to pay more attention to the Old Prophets and less to the New, in my opinion.

What we are seeing all over the world and in particular in the American Government is a Sign of the Times. Will God's modern people be like Israel of the First Century, and be unable to interpret those signs? It's about to be a very rough ride, and that's where the Great Harvest is going to come from, I believe.

Dale, 23-04-09 17:43:
I echo the others about this being a good word. I also take issue with all the prophets that have suddenly stood up to tell us about the financial crash to come. Where were they 5 and 10 years ago when that message sounded crazy?
I do believe in a coming revival as spoken about in Joel and Isaiah, but as you have said, there is a price to pay for anything from God, and true revival comes with the highest of price tags.
I preach 4 steps to revival. It is a hard message, but only those who are willing to die, like Rachel's cry of "Give me children lest I die!", can receive it.
The rest will be content to sit on the sidelines and watch the fire fall on those who have given their all for the lost.

Annette, 23-04-09 20:25:
GOD bless you for this. I can hear Ravenhill, Tozer, Finney...and all the great saints praising GOD for people like you continuing the work of spreading the TRUTH at the expense of popularity and conformity with the world.

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